Custom subject line on unread chat messages that are later sent as email

Add the ability to add a custom subject line for unread chat messages. This subject line will not be shown when the message is displayed as a chat (if not acting as a header, which would also work), but it would be shown for the majority of customers that are not on site when the chat message is sent and will get the unread chat message as an email.

As of now, there is only the ability to change the default subject line for all unread chat messages.

But if one creates a chat and sends it to all customers, there should be an option to set a custom subject line for that specific chat message which would override the default subject line for that unread chat email. This would increase the email open rate, as the subject line in the unread chat email message would relate much better to the actual content of the email.

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🧩 Feature Request


about 1 month ago



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