July 5th 2024

Weekly Deploy 03.07.2024


  • Adding right-panel toggle in the automation editor

  • Showing links URLs on hover inside the email message preview

  • Optimizing handling the cookies in the Embedded Forms

  • Removing duplicated options in the Data selector in the People section


  • Adding the time unit for the Relative points expiration header and changing the content of its placeholder

  • Showing proper header in the Delete SMTP settings form

  • Adding the loader to all the segments management view

  • Returning proper statistics of the email campaigns with Public API

  • Showing Deals and Tickets in the left-side panel inside Company profile

  • Returning timeline entries sorted properly when changing the entries filtering

  • Stopped returning Recipients number based on previously selected segment ( Email campaigns, Webpush campaigns )

  • Returning email campaigns based on the selected date range

  • Allowing to use contains lookup in /users/search/?email endpoint (Public API)