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July 5th 2024


  • Adding right-panel toggle in the automation editor

  • Showing links URLs on hover inside the email message preview

  • Optimizing handling the cookies in the Embedded Forms

  • Removing duplicated options in the Data selector in the People section


  • Adding the time unit for the Relative points expiration header and changing the content of its placeholder

  • Showing proper header in the Delete SMTP settings form

  • Adding the loader to all the segments management view

  • Returning proper statistics of the email campaigns with Public API

  • Showing Deals and Tickets in the left-side panel inside Company profile

  • Returning timeline entries sorted properly when changing the entries filtering

  • Stopped returning Recipients number based on previously selected segment ( Email campaigns, Webpush campaigns )

  • Returning email campaigns based on the selected date range

  • Allowing to use contains lookup in /users/search/?email endpoint (Public API)

July 5th 2024


  • Removing chars limit from URL in Agent web notification module (Automations)

  • Showing prefix instead of full token in the Mobile keys list - analogously to Public API view

  • Setting the alphabetical order of the attributes in the Create/Update <model> form

  • Optimizing calculation of all the Aggregators types (acceleration up to 20x)

  • Extending limiting of system incident notifications sending


  • Stopped triggering email opening and email click from the Delivery log (Email campaigns)

  • Saving daylight saving time information when updating/creating On date & time module (Automations)

  • Stopped results blinking when typing with the main search when using a slow internet connection

  • Stopped ignoring ETA when creating Webpush and Mobile push campaign

  • Stopped returning name in the User and Company profile when they are not permitted to see for the access level

June 13th 2024


  • Showing full, HTML based, and scrollable email message preview (instead of message's part screenshot)

  • Started to sending new email notifications for app's admins

    • Failed product feed synchronization

    • Low system email quota

    • Expiring API key

    • Low amount of space in Media

  • Adding loader to from's submit button (Landing Pages, Embedded Forms)

  • Allowing to create an object of the specific model in the Search

  • Extending the chars limit for URL in the Agent web notification module (Automations)


  • Showing proper information when email message preview is not accessible

  • Showing error message on saving not valid IP address (IP restrictions)

  • Showing more specified error message during the Timeout

  • Adding proper redirects in the email notification about an upcoming activity

  • Stopped using recipients from one Mobile Push campaign if another campaign based on the first one's copy is of automated type (Mobile Push)

  • Showing more specified error message when trying to upload a file of not allowed extension (Media Files)

June 13th 2024


  • Adding possibility to set the time during which the REST API key will be active (Public API)

  • Adding possibility to set the category related to specific HTTP methods for the REST API key (Public API)

  • Adding possibility to set the list of specified IP address from which REST API requests will be allowed (Public API)

  • Implementing of additional protection against uploading a file with a false extension (Media Files)


  • Allowing to trigger Event trigger module with datetime attribute when using public API and javascript methods (Automations)

  • Adjusting the size of the Categories panel in sections related to campaigns (Emails/Webpush/SMS/Mobile Push)

  • Allowing to recalculate aggregator automatically at Next calculation datetime after calculation failure (Aggregators)

  • Returning deal standard attributes in Deal attribute selector inside Edit aggregator form (Aggregators)

  • Allowing to save OR logic attribute within conditions related to an attribute inside On date & time and Filters modules (Automations)

  • Allowing to use contains lookup in /users/search/?email endpoint (Public API)

May 29th 2024

New features:


  • Updating Last counted value in Aggregators list when calculating aggregator with a automation module

  • Updating logic of showing attributes based on Attribute permissions

  • Adding possibility to filter options when setting the Multiple choice attribute


  • Stopped long response to deals summary in the user/company's profile

  • Showing menu and submenus when using Filters selector in Activities standard view

  • Allowing to remove selected category in the Email campaign editor

  • Marking required fields in the Clicksend credentials form

  • Adjusting loader and scrollbar in Search view when smaller resolution is used

  • Allowing to update fixed choice attribute from GUI

May 29th 2024

New features:

  • Adding integration with Amplitude

  • Adding possibility to get deals by their custom attribute value with the REST public API.

    GET /deals/search/?custom_attr

    Possible lookups parameters are the same as for /users/search/?custom_attr

    (Full documentation will be added in the APIdocs soon)


  • Adding new standard user attribute for setting chat widget language - Widget translation language

  • Forcing additional unsubscription option in email campaigns to meet new Google policy

  • Returning information about usage of the custom unsubscribe in the email message preview

  • Optimized removing anonymous users

  • Adding translations to app notifications


  • Allowing to trigger "Client's attribute change" module on updating an attribute with an aggregator

  • Returning proper redirect in "You were mentioned in a conversation" agent web notifications

  • Blocking the usage of special signs in coupon promotion name

  • Stopped returning blank page after pressing close in the Email message/Form/Landing page Simple editor and HTML editor

  • Autocompleting an email subject before sending the Test email

  • Returning proper error message when trying to synchronize IMAP with wrong credentials

  • Truncating long file names in SDK Admin key upload

May 14th 2024

New features:

  • Adding more information about automatic aggregation in the Aggregators section (datetime of the last calculation, datetime of upcoming calculation and interval unit and its value)

  • Adding possibility to recalculate an aggregator manually

  • Allowing to set specific time to start automatic recalculation

  • Allowing to chose interval unit of automatic aggregator recalculation (days/hours)


  • Adding Product feed synchronization failure as a new incident in the Incidents list and new email notification send immediately after the incident would take place

  • Blocking next step of Import if no attribute is selected

  • Optimization of Loyalty campaigns loading

  • Changing sender name to more universal one ("from" changed to "|")

  • Updating the ticket update history when changing the ticket's status

  • Using the same Email message name and SMTP settings in the Test email


  • Allowing to turning off an automation with "Save and exit" form in Automation editor

  • Showing proper error message when trying to update agent email with already existing one

  • Returning name instead of id in the redirect URL of product category in the product profile

  • Stopped showing an error just after opening the Media retention form

  • Stopped showing the same records multiple times in the People/Companies/etc. sections when Search button is clicked multiple time in a short period of time

  • Stopped creating the same records multiple times in the Popup/HTML block/Data collector/Email message/KB article/KB category editors when submit button is clicked multiple time in a short period of time

  • Allowing to set JSON attribute value properly with GUI (as JSON and not String) which makes it possible to returning value of the specific key with snippet tags

May 14th 2024

New features:

  • Adding possibility to selecting and dragging multiple modules at once

    Shift / MetaKey + right button - create lasso to select bricks in area

    Shift / MetaKey + right button click on specyfic brick - add/remove brick from collection


  • Returning statistics based on selected date range for all campaigns types' summaries and automations' list

  • Adding new outputs for Send SMS campaign automation module (On sent/success/failure)

  • Stopped returning the product events when filtering conditions aren't met - Product events snippet tag

  • Showing more specific information in error message when trying to save automation with the On date & time automation module scheduled for the past datetime

  • Allowing to create a company from Create a deal form

  • Allowing to select all user's custom attributes created in the Client's attribute change automation module even those which were created after adding the module to the automation


  • Sorting Default replies alphabetically - Inbox and Tickets

  • Allowing to search Default replies by their name and content (and not only name) - Inbox and Tickets

  • Allowing to send Test email from the last step of email campaign creation

  • Returning activities based on an agent's timezone when filtering by date range or the rest of date parameters (today/tomorrow/next week/etc.) - Activities section

  • Allowing to trigger Page visit module regardless the string's case or formatting

  • Showing the correct number of unique timeline's entries immediately, even if an event is deleted

  • Allowing to search all email templates when sending the email message from the user profile

April 24th 2024




  • Updating public API documentation
    (new endpoints included)

  • Allowing to use "text/html" header for an xml file used in product feed synchronization (the same as already working "text/plain" and "application/xml" headers)

  • Adding possibility to change category of the active email campaign

  • Optimization of the aggregators calculations

  • Updating of the French translation

  • Adding sorting including all campaigns (not only campaigns from one page) for all campaigns types

  • Adding more information about archived campaigns
    (similarly to those visible in the main campaign views)

  • Adding button to go to previous page inside an automation editor


  • Allowing to add to list if the number of the lists is more than 100 (lack of pagination)

  • Returning activities based on date range and an agent's timezone (not only in UTC) in the Activities Standard view

  • Returning proper request status and frontend message when trying to schedule a call with company name with more than 32 characters (Google calendar integration)

  • Reduced size of the iframe with YouTube video inside a chat message in the chat widget

  • Changing the placeholder inside Category selector in the Create message form

  • Changing names of the statistics in Webpush campaigns to more accurate

  • Allowing to uncheck the selected Default country code and Default currency in the Country specifc settings

  • Returning proper Segments names in Dashboard's widgets

  • Blocked possibility to send campaign multiple times after on multiple clicks on "Publish campaign" button

  • Changing redirect url in the "You have been mentioned" email notification to proper one

  • Stopped showing the same attribute multiple times in the profile view if the attribute with the same name was created multiple times

April 17th 2024




New features:

  • Adding possibility to export data with the REST public API from specific date range or segment.

    POST /api/public/exports/
    GET /api/public/exports/{file_name}/download/


    • email_clicks

    • companies

    • activities

    • tickets

    • products

      (Full documentation will be added in the APIdocs soon)

  • Adding possibility to get the full list of exported files with the filtering options.

    GET /api/public/exports/

  • Allowing to use date type custom attributes for the Deals snippet tag {% deals %} for the filter_by and order_by parameters


  • Adding filtering by date range parameters for all results in the all of the lists inside the application (Email campaigns, SMS campaigns, Automations, Embedded forms, etc.)

  • Allowing to add YouTube video (as an iframe) inside messages and notes on pasting the full url for the video

  • Showing the unsubscriptions types inside the Email message variations in the email messages preview


  • Handling daylight saving time change in the On date & time automation module

  • Handling the frontend errors visible only inside the web browser dev tools' console when entering list of Mobile push notifications, Incidents list, Email notifications logs and Email campaign's summary

  • Adding proper redirections from /crm/reports/ and /calendar/event-types/

  • Allowing to use automation Timing Only on given week day if the automation's Timing wasn't the same in the previous automation update

  • Showing agents assigned to the companies in the Company section view

  • Stopped to allowing entering the Simple Drag & Drop email message editor for the message which has been created/updated with the Code editor already

  • Showing proper Domain sender name when removing the sender