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April 5th 2024





  • Unification of the operating logic of the Test email and the regular Email campaign

  • Showing list unsubscription in Unsubscribed users' list in an Email campaign

  • Returning specific agent's email messages when the Agent selector in email Messages view is used

  • Allowing to add a proper independent list inside the other list in Knowledge Base article

  • Removing horizontal scroll in the Segments selector in the People section

  • Allowing to apply the agent assignment from the user in the "Update company attribute" automation module

  • Allowing to reset date range in Activity Standard view filtering without the need for resetting the rest of filtering settings

  • Changing descriptions inside Webpush campaign editor

  • Switching on Admin toggle in the Access level settings, automatically switch on the rest of the toggles

  • Restoring the Thank you page editor for Popup templates

  • Showing proper modal during saving an email message in the Code editor

  • Stopped showing weekdays for the automation in the automations list after the automation's Timing from "Only on given week day"

  • Showing proper units for the automation settings when "For the next x days" Timing is chosen

  • Showing the Total and Unique email openings in the Email openings view

  • Stopped to autocomplete Update company form inputs with data of previously opened company when opening the profile from another profile using Search

  • Stopped requiring selecting the specific product when setting the "Product event trigger" automation module

  • Updating Name and Subject in the Update message form (Email message editor)


  • Updating aggregators to more modular and readable structure

  • Updating send_message_as_user endpoint - conversation_id in response, source in payload and no limit for content (API)

  • Adding the unread status for the mobile API conversations

  • Adding info about IP Addresses for the agents logging in with microsoft or google accounts

  • Returning the Segments based on selected Category in Daily segment size Dashboard's widget

  • Adding the button allowing to go back to previous page in Segments view

  • Adding redirect to the Email campaign in "Send an email campaign" automation module

New features:

  • Added possibility to run aggregation without automation module "Aggregator" (it's accessible from an Aggregator's settings)

  • Added possibility for export an automation's logs

  • Added Azure Active Directory to the login system

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March 28th 2024





  • Allowing to enter the Ticket without a name from User or Company profiles

  • Changing the name of a header in Data collectors section to proper one

  • Center the elements of the "No data" layout inside Dashboards' widgets

  • Allowing to create a company form a Deal's profile (the same as it works in the User or Ticket profiles)

  • Redirecting to Advanced view of Deals section instead of Kanban view when selecting specifc deal segment from deal segments list

  • Allowing to redirect to the company profile from the User profile

  • Stopped returning the same language as the KB article has in the translate selector

  • Stopped allowing to create the Dashboard without a name

  • Validating the name in the Landing page editor

  • Center the loader in the Search section

  • Shortening the preview to the name of the Dashboards

  • Returning proper IDs of the agents in the Team management section

  • Stopped allowing to set the same category as its parent category

  • Showing status of "Require two-step authentication for all agents" in the toggle in Team management section


  • Automations' section loading speed up

  • Adding the X button for remove all selections in the Deal loss reason selector

  • Translating the text for the webbrowser tabs

New features:

  • Added possibility to trigger Product event trigger automation's module with product's Category or Segment

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March 21st 2024





  • Removed "Enable the path only in specific days" option in the automation settings if it was turned off

  • Stopped blocking showing all the new activity types after setting the order for activity types

  • Stopped showing Unsaved changes warning in the Update product form, when no changes have been made

  • Allowing to zoom in/out the media from the chat messages

  • Resizing the Default reply form inside the Ticket profile when using a small resolution

  • Adding the right redirection for deal segments (Advanced view instead of Kanban view)

  • Showing Product category name in the Filters when the Product segment is selected

  • Allowing to enter the Ticket profile from GUI when the ticket has no name


  • Adding the status key for the /users/import/status/ response (Public API)

  • Adding a loader for the pagination in the Default replies

  • Stopped the automatic selection of the Sender when the Custom domain is chosen (Email campaign editor)

  • Showing Agent data in a more accessible form in the main navbar

New features:

  • Added possibility to set the order and visibility of attributes in the agent, company, product, deal and ticket profile

  • Added possibility to filtering API hooks based on the source of the Chat message

  • Added possibility to see filtered users inside On date & time and Filters automation modules

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March 7th 2024





  • Updating Access Level's settings' options

  • Blocking the possibility of adding an empty string to the list of Allowed file types

  • Stopped showing conversations with a new message when conversations are filtered by the message type which is not the same type as the message from the conversation with a new message

  • Showing proper user details in the Inbox when changing filtering conversations by message type

  • Long text in the timeline record or chat message/note input doesn't hide the right side panel in all types of profiles (User/Deal/Company/etc.) or the Inbox

  • Reconnecting websocket when snoozing the PC

  • Stopped showing support widget when it's hiding the send chat message button in the Inbox

  • Stopped breaking the main navbar or dialogs for GIF, Default Replies and KB in the Inbox when setting very low resolution


  • Optimizing loading of the Tags list view

  • Standardizing the style of Snooze, Archive and Close buttons in the Inbox

  • Showing the information about no internet connection in the Inbox when it's the case

  • Making the message input expandable in the Inbox

  • Added the warning message when closing the Create activity form

  • Blocking the Send a message and Reply and close buttons when the message input is empty in the Inbox

New features:

  • Handling the snippet tags in In-App messages

  • Added Remove tags option to the Manage selector in the People section

  • Added the date range selector for all the types of campaigns and Tools

  • Added the new changelog to the main navbar

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February 28th 2024





  • Returning proper options for the User lists when it's used in the segment

  • Showing floating point numbers and integer product attributes in product events when their value is 0

  • Not filtering product events per product

  • Ignoring the invited agent with the same name as another active agent when assigning the activities with the CSV importer

  • Showing info about no notifications in the Notifications panel

  • Changing the information about no event attributes in the list of event attributes

  • Showing all the conversations in the Inbox when changing the category and removing the conversations multiple times

  • Showing conversations' loader below the conversations list in the Inbox


  • Showing User with a hardbounce attribute in the User profile

  • Sorting options in the Manage in all sections except the People section

  • Made the Filters dropdown stays open after selecting an agent in the Deals kanban view

  • Shipment type selection is required when creating the email campaign

  • Showing information about new conversations in the Inbox

  • Adding the ability to add names to each REST API, FCM and Mobile SDK key

New features:

  • Adding Remove tags option in the Manage in the People section

  • Showing all the set Timing options for the automation in the automations' list

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February 28th 2024


Product Update

We're delighted to unveil the latest update to our platform, introducing fully customizable in-app messages with advanced features, now accessible exclusively for Android and iOS SDK.

What's New:

  1. Tailored Customization: Our latest update empowers users to tailor their in-app messages comprehensively, ensuring alignment with their brand identity and communication strategy. From fonts to color schemes, every aspect of the message can now be personalized to deliver a cohesive and engaging user experience.

  2. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Our new in-app messaging functionality is now available for both Android and iOS SDKs, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience across different devices and platforms. Whether your users are on Android or iOS, they’ll enjoy the same level of customization and media-rich interactions.

  3. Rich Media Support: Elevate your messaging strategy with the power of multimedia. Now, you can enrich your messages by seamlessly integrating images, animations, and animated backgrounds. Engage your audience like never before by delivering visually captivating content directly within your app.

Coming Soon to Flutter SDK:

We understand the importance of supporting diverse development environments. That’s why we’re excited to announce that this feature will soon be available for Flutter SDK as well. Stay tuned for updates as we work to bring the same level of flexibility and creativity to Flutter.

Get Started Today:

Upgrade to the latest version of our SDK for Android and iOS to unlock the full potential of customizable in-app messages. You can easily access the new in-app message creator within the main menus under the Campaign tab. Create captivating experiences for your users and stay ahead in delivering exceptional user engagement.

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February 21st 2024





  • Resolved problem of race condition when using the Change global variable automation's module

  • Correct response when saving existing automation

  • Conversations are loading even if there's internet connections problem

  • Information about OAuth based on the used OAuth method (Google/Microsoft)

  • Double scroll removed from selectors in the Filters

  • Selecting option with long text from fixed choice attribute will not change the form's width

  • Showing updates made from right side panel in the Inbox

  • Proper sorting in the Email campaign's Link clicks list


  • Returning more specific information when field larger than characters limit (131072) is used in CSV importer

  • Accelerating the time of accessing the Email Action automation's module settings

  • Accelerating the time of accessing the Check global variable automation's module settings

  • Accelerating the time of accessing the Dashboards

New features:

  • Keeping the last used email address in the Preview email

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February 14th 2024




We are returning to regularly publishing our changelog and we encourage you to subscribe to receive updates by email.


  • Returning proper error message when trying to save duplicated email domain

  • Pagination on the list of agents in Agents' group creation form

  • Pagination on the list of default replies

  • Automations modules can be seen when editing an archived automation

  • Setting datetime for snoozing the conversations

  • Editing the pasted text won't remove spaces

  • Showing a proper preview of the webpush message during the editing

  • All columns in the segments list are visible without scrolling horizontally


  • Filtering by segments in the sections: Deals, Products, Companies, Activities

  • Changing zoom for the pictures sent in the conversation

  • Alert on closing automation module during its editing

New features:

  • Logging into the app with a Microsoft account

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