April 17th 2024




Weekly Deploy 09.04.2024

New features:

  • Adding possibility to export all clicks from all the email campaigns from the specific period of time (Email Campaigns section > Settings > Export all clicks)

  • Allowing to use Email campaign attributes snippets outside {% email_campaigns %} tag to make it possible to print all details of sent campaign (previously with just {% email_campaigns %}Β  we could print details of previously sent campaigns only)


  • Showing selected elements when searching in Export form

  • Showing message title inside the Simple Drag & Drop email editor

  • Returning translated text in a browser card, based on the browser's language

  • Adding icons for the documentation dropdown

  • Showing more accurate placeholders in the Create/Update Ticket form

  • Adding columns with Sending, Message, Campaign and User IDs for the Email delivery logs and Email clicks exports - which allow to match user<>campaign<>sending<>message

  • Removing chars limit in the Update an attribute, Update company attribute, Update deal attribute and Update ticket attribute modules to make them easier to set up with snippet tags


  • Changing the name of the Merge users form and removing additional _x from custom attributes names inside that form

  • Returning proper information when using Search in custom attribute list

  • Stopped returning content of the previously opened message in the email message Code editor

  • Adding Thank you page editing step for specific Popup templates

  • Making the Abandoned deal status operational in the Update deal attribute automation module again

  • Stopped to returning week days in the automation's settings if the automation Timing has been changed from Only on given week day to any other Timing option