April 17th 2024




Weekly Deploy 16.04.2024

New features:

  • Adding possibility to export data with the REST public API from specific date range or segment.

    POST /api/public/exports/
    GET /api/public/exports/{file_name}/download/


    • email_clicks

    • companies

    • activities

    • tickets

    • products

      (Full documentation will be added in the APIdocs soon)

  • Adding possibility to get the full list of exported files with the filtering options.

    GET /api/public/exports/

  • Allowing to use date type custom attributes for the Deals snippet tag {% deals %} for the filter_by and order_by parameters


  • Adding filtering by date range parameters for all results in the all of the lists inside the application (Email campaigns, SMS campaigns, Automations, Embedded forms, etc.)

  • Allowing to add YouTube video (as an iframe) inside messages and notes on pasting the full url for the video

  • Showing the unsubscriptions types inside the Email message variations in the email messages preview


  • Handling daylight saving time change in the On date & time automation module

  • Handling the frontend errors visible only inside the web browser dev tools' console when entering list of Mobile push notifications, Incidents list, Email notifications logs and Email campaign's summary

  • Adding proper redirections from /crm/reports/ and /calendar/event-types/

  • Allowing to use automation Timing Only on given week day if the automation's Timing wasn't the same in the previous automation update

  • Showing agents assigned to the companies in the Company section view

  • Stopped to allowing entering the Simple Drag & Drop email message editor for the message which has been created/updated with the Code editor already

  • Showing proper Domain sender name when removing the sender