March 7th 2024




Weekly Deploy 06.03.2024


  • Updating Access Level's settings' options

  • Blocking the possibility of adding an empty string to the list of Allowed file types

  • Stopped showing conversations with a new message when conversations are filtered by the message type which is not the same type as the message from the conversation with a new message

  • Showing proper user details in the Inbox when changing filtering conversations by message type

  • Long text in the timeline record or chat message/note input doesn't hide the right side panel in all types of profiles (User/Deal/Company/etc.) or the Inbox

  • Reconnecting websocket when snoozing the PC

  • Stopped showing support widget when it's hiding the send chat message button in the Inbox

  • Stopped breaking the main navbar or dialogs for GIF, Default Replies and KB in the Inbox when setting very low resolution


  • Optimizing loading of the Tags list view

  • Standardizing the style of Snooze, Archive and Close buttons in the Inbox

  • Showing the information about no internet connection in the Inbox when it's the case

  • Making the message input expandable in the Inbox

  • Added the warning message when closing the Create activity form

  • Blocking the Send a message and Reply and close buttons when the message input is empty in the Inbox

New features:

  • Handling the snippet tags in In-App messages

  • Added Remove tags option to the Manage selector in the People section

  • Added the date range selector for all the types of campaigns and Tools

  • Added the new changelog to the main navbar

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