February 28th 2024




Weekly Deploy 27.02.2024


  • Returning proper options for the User lists when it's used in the segment

  • Showing floating point numbers and integer product attributes in product events when their value is 0

  • Not filtering product events per product

  • Ignoring the invited agent with the same name as another active agent when assigning the activities with the CSV importer

  • Showing info about no notifications in the Notifications panel

  • Changing the information about no event attributes in the list of event attributes

  • Showing all the conversations in the Inbox when changing the category and removing the conversations multiple times

  • Showing conversations' loader below the conversations list in the Inbox


  • Showing User with a hardbounce attribute in the User profile

  • Sorting options in the Manage in all sections except the People section

  • Made the Filters dropdown stays open after selecting an agent in the Deals kanban view

  • Shipment type selection is required when creating the email campaign

  • Showing information about new conversations in the Inbox

  • Adding the ability to add names to each REST API, FCM and Mobile SDK key

New features:

  • Adding Remove tags option in the Manage in the People section

  • Showing all the set Timing options for the automation in the automations' list

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