April 24th 2024



Weekly Deploy 23.04.2024


  • Updating public API documentation
    (new endpoints included)

  • Allowing to use "text/html" header for an xml file used in product feed synchronization (the same as already working "text/plain" and "application/xml" headers)

  • Adding possibility to change category of the active email campaign

  • Optimization of the aggregators calculations

  • Updating of the French translation

  • Adding sorting including all campaigns (not only campaigns from one page) for all campaigns types

  • Adding more information about archived campaigns
    (similarly to those visible in the main campaign views)

  • Adding button to go to previous page inside an automation editor


  • Allowing to add to list if the number of the lists is more than 100 (lack of pagination)

  • Returning activities based on date range and an agent's timezone (not only in UTC) in the Activities Standard view

  • Returning proper request status and frontend message when trying to schedule a call with company name with more than 32 characters (Google calendar integration)

  • Reduced size of the iframe with YouTube video inside a chat message in the chat widget

  • Changing the placeholder inside Category selector in the Create message form

  • Changing names of the statistics in Webpush campaigns to more accurate

  • Allowing to uncheck the selected Default country code and Default currency in the Country specifc settings

  • Returning proper Segments names in Dashboard's widgets

  • Blocked possibility to send campaign multiple times after on multiple clicks on "Publish campaign" button

  • Changing redirect url in the "You have been mentioned" email notification to proper one

  • Stopped showing the same attribute multiple times in the profile view if the attribute with the same name was created multiple times