March 21st 2024




Weekly Deploy 19.03.2024


  • Removed "Enable the path only in specific days" option in the automation settings if it was turned off

  • Stopped blocking showing all the new activity types after setting the order for activity types

  • Stopped showing Unsaved changes warning in the Update product form, when no changes have been made

  • Allowing to zoom in/out the media from the chat messages

  • Resizing the Default reply form inside the Ticket profile when using a small resolution

  • Adding the right redirection for deal segments (Advanced view instead of Kanban view)

  • Showing Product category name in the Filters when the Product segment is selected

  • Allowing to enter the Ticket profile from GUI when the ticket has no name


  • Adding the status key for the /users/import/status/ response (Public API)

  • Adding a loader for the pagination in the Default replies

  • Stopped the automatic selection of the Sender when the Custom domain is chosen (Email campaign editor)

  • Showing Agent data in a more accessible form in the main navbar

New features:

  • Added possibility to set the order and visibility of attributes in the agent, company, product, deal and ticket profile

  • Added possibility to filtering API hooks based on the source of the Chat message

  • Added possibility to see filtered users inside On date & time and Filters automation modules

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