April 5th 2024




Weekly Deploy 04.04.2024


  • Unification of the operating logic of the Test email and the regular Email campaign

  • Showing list unsubscription in Unsubscribed users' list in an Email campaign

  • Returning specific agent's email messages when the Agent selector in email Messages view is used

  • Allowing to add a proper independent list inside the other list in Knowledge Base article

  • Removing horizontal scroll in the Segments selector in the People section

  • Allowing to apply the agent assignment from the user in the "Update company attribute" automation module

  • Allowing to reset date range in Activity Standard view filtering without the need for resetting the rest of filtering settings

  • Changing descriptions inside Webpush campaign editor

  • Switching on Admin toggle in the Access level settings, automatically switch on the rest of the toggles

  • Restoring the Thank you page editor for Popup templates

  • Showing proper modal during saving an email message in the Code editor

  • Stopped showing weekdays for the automation in the automations list after the automation's Timing from "Only on given week day"

  • Showing proper units for the automation settings when "For the next x days" Timing is chosen

  • Showing the Total and Unique email openings in the Email openings view

  • Stopped to autocomplete Update company form inputs with data of previously opened company when opening the profile from another profile using Search

  • Stopped requiring selecting the specific product when setting the "Product event trigger" automation module

  • Updating Name and Subject in the Update message form (Email message editor)


  • Updating aggregators to more modular and readable structure

  • Updating send_message_as_user endpoint - conversation_id in response, source in payload and no limit for content (API)

  • Adding the unread status for the mobile API conversations

  • Adding info about IP Addresses for the agents logging in with microsoft or google accounts

  • Returning the Segments based on selected Category in Daily segment size Dashboard's widget

  • Adding the button allowing to go back to previous page in Segments view

  • Adding redirect to the Email campaign in "Send an email campaign" automation module

New features:

  • Added possibility to run aggregation without automation module "Aggregator" (it's accessible from an Aggregator's settings)

  • Added possibility for export an automation's logs

  • Added Azure Active Directory to the login system