March 28th 2024




Weekly Deploy 26.03.2024


  • Allowing to enter the Ticket without a name from User or Company profiles

  • Changing the name of a header in Data collectors section to proper one

  • Center the elements of the "No data" layout inside Dashboards' widgets

  • Allowing to create a company form a Deal's profile (the same as it works in the User or Ticket profiles)

  • Redirecting to Advanced view of Deals section instead of Kanban view when selecting specifc deal segment from deal segments list

  • Allowing to redirect to the company profile from the User profile

  • Stopped returning the same language as the KB article has in the translate selector

  • Stopped allowing to create the Dashboard without a name

  • Validating the name in the Landing page editor

  • Center the loader in the Search section

  • Shortening the preview to the name of the Dashboards

  • Returning proper IDs of the agents in the Team management section

  • Stopped allowing to set the same category as its parent category

  • Showing status of "Require two-step authentication for all agents" in the toggle in Team management section


  • Automations' section loading speed up

  • Adding the X button for remove all selections in the Deal loss reason selector

  • Translating the text for the webbrowser tabs

New features:

  • Added possibility to trigger Product event trigger automation's module with product's Category or Segment

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