June 13th 2024

Weekly Deploy 05.06.2024


  • Adding possibility to set the time during which the REST API key will be active (Public API)

  • Adding possibility to set the category related to specific HTTP methods for the REST API key (Public API)

  • Adding possibility to set the list of specified IP address from which REST API requests will be allowed (Public API)

  • Implementing of additional protection against uploading a file with a false extension (Media Files)


  • Allowing to trigger Event trigger module with datetime attribute when using public API and javascript methods (Automations)

  • Adjusting the size of the Categories panel in sections related to campaigns (Emails/Webpush/SMS/Mobile Push)

  • Allowing to recalculate aggregator automatically at Next calculation datetime after calculation failure (Aggregators)

  • Returning deal standard attributes in Deal attribute selector inside Edit aggregator form (Aggregators)

  • Allowing to save OR logic attribute within conditions related to an attribute inside On date & time and Filters modules (Automations)

  • Allowing to use contains lookup in /users/search/?email endpoint (Public API)