May 14th 2024

Weekly Deploy 07.05.2024

New features:

  • Adding possibility to selecting and dragging multiple modules at once

    Shift / MetaKey + right button - create lasso to select bricks in area

    Shift / MetaKey + right button click on specyfic brick - add/remove brick from collection


  • Returning statistics based on selected date range for all campaigns types' summaries and automations' list

  • Adding new outputs for Send SMS campaign automation module (On sent/success/failure)

  • Stopped returning the product events when filtering conditions aren't met - Product events snippet tag

  • Showing more specific information in error message when trying to save automation with the On date & time automation module scheduled for the past datetime

  • Allowing to create a company from Create a deal form

  • Allowing to select all user's custom attributes created in the Client's attribute change automation module even those which were created after adding the module to the automation


  • Sorting Default replies alphabetically - Inbox and Tickets

  • Allowing to search Default replies by their name and content (and not only name) - Inbox and Tickets

  • Allowing to send Test email from the last step of email campaign creation

  • Returning activities based on an agent's timezone when filtering by date range or the rest of date parameters (today/tomorrow/next week/etc.) - Activities section

  • Allowing to trigger Page visit module regardless the string's case or formatting

  • Showing the correct number of unique timeline's entries immediately, even if an event is deleted

  • Allowing to search all email templates when sending the email message from the user profile