June 13th 2024

Weekly Deploy 12.06.2024


  • Showing full, HTML based, and scrollable email message preview (instead of message's part screenshot)

  • Started to sending new email notifications for app's admins

    • Failed product feed synchronization

    • Low system email quota

    • Expiring API key

    • Low amount of space in Media

  • Adding loader to from's submit button (Landing Pages, Embedded Forms)

  • Allowing to create an object of the specific model in the Search

  • Extending the chars limit for URL in the Agent web notification module (Automations)


  • Showing proper information when email message preview is not accessible

  • Showing error message on saving not valid IP address (IP restrictions)

  • Showing more specified error message during the Timeout

  • Adding proper redirects in the email notification about an upcoming activity

  • Stopped using recipients from one Mobile Push campaign if another campaign based on the first one's copy is of automated type (Mobile Push)

  • Showing more specified error message when trying to upload a file of not allowed extension (Media Files)