May 14th 2024

Weekly Deploy 14.05.2024

New features:

  • Adding more information about automatic aggregation in the Aggregators section (datetime of the last calculation, datetime of upcoming calculation and interval unit and its value)

  • Adding possibility to recalculate an aggregator manually

  • Allowing to set specific time to start automatic recalculation

  • Allowing to chose interval unit of automatic aggregator recalculation (days/hours)


  • Adding Product feed synchronization failure as a new incident in the Incidents list and new email notification send immediately after the incident would take place

  • Blocking next step of Import if no attribute is selected

  • Optimization of Loyalty campaigns loading

  • Changing sender name to more universal one ("from" changed to "|")

  • Updating the ticket update history when changing the ticket's status

  • Using the same Email message name and SMTP settings in the Test email


  • Allowing to turning off an automation with "Save and exit" form in Automation editor

  • Showing proper error message when trying to update agent email with already existing one

  • Returning name instead of id in the redirect URL of product category in the product profile

  • Stopped showing an error just after opening the Media retention form

  • Stopped showing the same records multiple times in the People/Companies/etc. sections when Search button is clicked multiple time in a short period of time

  • Stopped creating the same records multiple times in the Popup/HTML block/Data collector/Email message/KB article/KB category editors when submit button is clicked multiple time in a short period of time

  • Allowing to set JSON attribute value properly with GUI (as JSON and not String) which makes it possible to returning value of the specific key with snippet tags