July 5th 2024

Weekly Deploy 19.06.2024


  • Removing chars limit from URL in Agent web notification module (Automations)

  • Showing prefix instead of full token in the Mobile keys list - analogously to Public API view

  • Setting the alphabetical order of the attributes in the Create/Update <model> form

  • Optimizing calculation of all the Aggregators types (acceleration up to 20x)

  • Extending limiting of system incident notifications sending


  • Stopped triggering email opening and email click from the Delivery log (Email campaigns)

  • Saving daylight saving time information when updating/creating On date & time module (Automations)

  • Stopped results blinking when typing with the main search when using a slow internet connection

  • Stopped ignoring ETA when creating Webpush and Mobile push campaign

  • Stopped returning name in the User and Company profile when they are not permitted to see for the access level