May 29th 2024

Weekly Deploy 22.05.2024

New features:

  • Adding integration with Amplitude

  • Adding possibility to get deals by their custom attribute value with the REST public API.

    GET /deals/search/?custom_attr

    Possible lookups parameters are the same as for /users/search/?custom_attr

    (Full documentation will be added in the APIdocs soon)


  • Adding new standard user attribute for setting chat widget language - Widget translation language

  • Forcing additional unsubscription option in email campaigns to meet new Google policy

  • Returning information about usage of the custom unsubscribe in the email message preview

  • Optimized removing anonymous users

  • Adding translations to app notifications


  • Allowing to trigger "Client's attribute change" module on updating an attribute with an aggregator

  • Returning proper redirect in "You were mentioned in a conversation" agent web notifications

  • Blocking the usage of special signs in coupon promotion name

  • Stopped returning blank page after pressing close in the Email message/Form/Landing page Simple editor and HTML editor

  • Autocompleting an email subject before sending the Test email

  • Returning proper error message when trying to synchronize IMAP with wrong credentials

  • Truncating long file names in SDK Admin key upload